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Combretum kraussii

Forest Bushwillow (E) Bosvaderlandswilg (A) uhwabhu (Z) ulandile (X) modlubu (NS) muvuvhu-wa-thavhani (V) General DESCRIPTION A shrub, small or medium to tall tree, with single or multi-stemmed trunk of flaking, grey bark, often branching low down, and a curved crown of sleek, dark green foliage that transformed into dazzling shades of red, maroon and purple… Continue Reading

Ziziphus mucronata

Buffalo-thorn (E) Cat-Thorn (E) Blinkblaar-wag-‘n-bietjie (A) Buffelsdoring (A) Haakdoring (A) umPhafa (X) umLahlankosi (Z) Mutshetshete (V) Mokgalo (T) Mokhalo (S) General DESCRIPTION One of the most adaptable and widespread of all indigenous trees, with a rich legacy in many folk tales and a host of medicinal and culinary uses, the Ziziphus is deeply ingrained in… Continue Reading

Acacia galpinii

(presently Senegalia galpinii) Monkey Thorn (E) Apies Doring (A) Mologa (NS) Tshikwalo (V) General DESCRIPTION One of the tallest and largest of the naturally occurring Acacias, the Monkey Thorn is a robust, fine tree, with beautifully flaking bark, a wide, somewhat spreading or domed canopy of luxurious, pale green, feathery foliage, large, dark, arched thorns… Continue Reading

Harpephyllum caffrum

Harpephyllum caffrum Wild Plum (E) Wildepruim (A) Mothêkêlê (NS) umGwenya (X, Z, S) General DESCRIPTION The sole species of its genus, and one of our forests giants, the Wild Plum is a magnificent, tall, robust tree with a dense, lush, beautifully dome shaped canopy and thick branches that grow in a striking candelabra-like formation from… Continue Reading

Croton gratissimus

Lavender Croton (E) Lavender Fever-berry (E) Laventelkoorsbessie (A) Bergboegoe (A) Laventelbos (A) Korannaboegoe (A) umaHlabakufeni (Z) maquassie (San) General DESCRIPTION An exceptionally decorative and ornate, slender tree or fine, large shrub. It has grey, patterned bark, aromatic, dark, silvery green leaves with pale, pearly white undersides and cinnamon-red spots, and masses of tiny, creamy, star-like… Continue Reading

Acacia robusta

Acacia robusta subsp. robusta (presently Vachellia robusta) Ankle Thorn (E) Robust Thorn (E) Brack Thorn (E) River Thorn (E) Robust Acacia (E) Splendid Acacia (E) Splendid Thorn (E) Broad-Pod Robust Thorn (E) Oudoring (A) Enkeldoring (A) Brakdoring (A) umNquawe (Z) umNgamanzi (Z) General DESCRIPTION A conspicuously tall, robust, upright Acacia, with handsomely gnarled, dark brown… Continue Reading

Tabernaemontana elegans

Toad tree (E) Low-veld Toad tree (E) Bushveld Toad tree (E) Paddaboom (A) Laeveldse Paddaboom (A) umKhadlu (Z) General DESCRIPTION An unusual, but highly attractive, small to medium sized tree, with an upright, clean stem of beautiful ochre, deeply fissured bark, large clusters of sweetly scented, white flowers and peculiar, large, warty fruits that are… Continue Reading

Burchellia bubalina

Wild Pomegranate (E) Wildegranaat (A) Buffelsdoring (A) isiGolwane (Z) umFincane (X) General DESCRIPTION A large, dense shrub or small tree, the only species of its genus in South Africa, with attractive, lush green, sleek foliage, masses of scarlet flowers, and lovely, long-lasting fruits. The ambrosia filled flowers are produced for many months, are irresistible to… Continue Reading

Bersama lucens

Glossy Bersama (E) Glossy White Ash (E) Shiny-leaf Bersama (E) Blinkblaarwitessenhout (A) uNdiyaza (Z) isiNdiyandiya (X, Z) General DESCRIPTION An uncommon, compact, attractive shrub or small, multi-stemmed tree, with a neat growth habit and prominent, dense, foliage. The new leaves are a beautiful, striking, bright, glossy pink-bronze. It has pale, grey-brown, faintly creased bark, slender… Continue Reading

Combretum bracteosum

Hiccup Nut (E) Hiccough creeper (E) Hikklimop (A) uQotho (X) General DESCRIPTION A medium to large shrub or multi-stemmed, small tree, with a naturally scrambling and creeping nature. Numerous, winding, branchless stems typically shoot out from the dense crown and grapple onto surrounding vegetation, often engulfing it. This perennial bears fruits and flowers that are… Continue Reading


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