• Natal Fig (E)

    • Natalvy(A)

    • Umthombe (X)

    • Isihlamfane (Z)


    • 57


    • Moraceae


    • This is a fast growing large tree that can reach a height of up to 20M and a width of 30M under certain conditions. In a forest it will tend to grow taller and not create such a large crown. It is drought resistant and has a good wind tolerance. The Ficus natalensis is evergreen, with large and structural trunks and often has aerial roots. The crown can be dense, rounded and weeping. Please note that the root system is aggressive so it will be great for large gardens.


  • The leaves are small and hairless and have 6 to 9 principal lateral veins on either side of the midrib. This tree is densely leafy and provides good shade.


  • The fruit are figs which are loved by birds. They are small, being 7 to 13mm in diameter and are a yellowish-red colour when ripe.


  • The bark is dark grey in colour.


  • The bark is used as an ingredient of infusions taken during pregnancy to ensure an easy childbirth. It was also used to make barkcloth which is a renewable material that was used in fashion. It was made by beating sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark.

  • The roots were as tonics and blood cleansers.

  • The leaves were applied to wounds, boils and warts.